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Kurtofsky REVERSE Bang!
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A reverse bang for the Kurtofsky (Kurt Hummel/Dave Karofsky) fandom.

Welcome to the Kurtofsky Reverse Bang! Check the sections to the right for navigation and information links, tag filtering, and what's coming next in the KRB!

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Artist, writer and beta sign-ups open and artist/writer will stay open until the 27th! Missed the deadline? Give us a creative excuse by November 2nd and we'll let you in. Beta sign-ups close on December 15th.
Welcome to the Kurtofsky Reverse Bang challenge! It's probably obvious by the name that this isn't your average big bang. Instead of artists creating works based on stories, in a reverse big bang, artists create works upon which stories are based. Fun, right? It's worked really well in other fandoms, and we hope it'll work just as well in this one.

There are a lot of artists in the Kurtofsky fandom, and they've done wonderful things individually and for other fandom-wide projects. Let's put them in the spotlight, this time! The Kurtofsky Reverse Bang is for them.

If you're participating, don't forget to join our vent comm!

There are plenty of ways to contact us! If you want to PM us, you can do so at either Tessisamess or Sparklpocalypse. If you don't have an LJ, you can use the Contact a Mod page. Anon commenting is on, as well as screening for privacy.

You can also reach us by the mod email at kurtofskyrebang@gmail.com, but this should be a last resort, as commenting and PMing are the fastest ways to get a hold of us.